The UR low level access equipment are safe ladder replacement platforms with working heights ranging from 4.7m to 5.9m. These elevated work platforms provide a much safer environment than ladders when working at heights and minimise the risk of injury, with the platform providing a safe and secure working area.

The UR series advance design and compact structure makes these lifts simple and easy to operate. They are ideally suited for tight areas where larger work platforms cannot be used. All models will pass through a standard 2 metre doorway when in their stored positions and can easily be moved into and out of passenger and goods lifts.

Safety is enhanced with the inclusion of tilt and descent alarms, emergency stop buttons at both control points, emergency down valve, manual and auto brake mechanism, spirit level indicator and anti-slip platform. The UR low level access equipment fully complies with the relevant European CE and Australian standards applicable to aerial work platforms.

Working environments cover all situations where ladders are currently used including warehouses, construction sites, workshops, shopping centres, reception areas, art galleries, railway stations, hospitals, school and universities. Applications include cleaning, repairing, painting, inspecting, decorating, installing and replacing lights.

At Access Holdings International we are a global supplier of an extensive range of elevated work platforms. AHI specialises in the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of vertical man lifts for Australian and International markets.

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