“An incident is just the tip of the iceberg, a sign of a much larger problem below the surface.”- Don Brown


Did you know that according to workers compensation data, there were over 12,000 claims relating to falls from heights between 2013-2015 in NSW alone? This constituted to a total cost of $327 million and total lost work time of 126,945 weeks. As a result, there have been major impacts on workers, their families, and the NSW economy.

A large percentage of these accidents were due to the unsafe use of ladders. These numbers will continue to grow until appropriate action has taken place to reduce these statistics. According to SafeWork NSW Executive Director Peter Dunphy, “a fall, even from a relatively low height, can result in serious injury or death. Most incidents could have been prevented if safe work systems such as safety harnesses or work platforms had been used.”


At Access Holdings International (AHI) we recognise and understand the seriousness of ladder related accidents. With over 17 years of design manufacturing, marketing and distribution experience, AHI is a leading global participant in the vertical access lift equipment market supplying to over 40 countries. Our machines range from 3.5 metres to 20 metre working heights, catering to a vast range of elevated related work applications. In particular, our low level access range provides the solution to ladder related accidents.

Unlike ladders, where the three point contact rule is mandatory, our machines provide a much safer environment when working at heights and minimise the risk of injury, with the lift’s platforms providing a safe and secure working area. Our UR, UC, UB, UBM & UGM12 machines have a working height of 3.5 metres to 5.9 metres.

Under NSW Work Health and Safety Regulations, SafeWork NSW inspectors have the authority to issue penalty notices of $3,600 to corporations and $720 to individuals for contraventions relating to falls from heights. Therefore, to avoid any risk of injury and fine, it is crucial to undertake appropriate measures. Our low level access ranges are the perfect solution to ladder related accidents and are advanced in design and compact in structure which makes these lifts simple and easy to operate. They are ideal for tight working areas where larger work platforms cannot be used. All models will pass through a standard 2 metre doorway when in their stored positions and can easily be moved into and out of passenger and goods lifts.

To find out more about our ladder replacement options please visit our main website www.ahiholdings.com and our low level access website, www.lowlevelaccess.com.au

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