Push Around Work Platforms

Access Holdings International (AHI) is a global supplier of an extensive range of push around work platforms ranging from 3.5 to 20 metre working heights.

Founded in 2003, AHI was created with an objective to specialise in the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of vertical access personnel lifts for the Australian & International markets. From its humble range in the beginning, it has grown to include more than 40 models of vertical access platforms.

Today, AHI has one of the most extensive ranges of elevated work platforms throughout the world and distributes to over 40 countries. In more recent years AHI has developed a low level access range which primarily focuses on safety, resulting in a ladder replacement solution. These small scissor lifts are easy to use and have the capability to be push around work platforms.

Access Holdings International has won Business of the Year in the Category of ‘Manufacturing- Asia Pacific’ at the Go Global Awards 2019. This conference was attended by leading worldwide companies who drive international trade and business through their innovations, technologies and strategies.


Depending on the frequency of use of the machine, clients may decide to do a half yearly or an annual service only.
Price is based upon the machine being serviced in the Sydney metro. Any additional travel may be extra depending on location.

  • Annual service           $420 +GST each
  • Half Yearly service     $360 +GST each
  • Quarterly Service       $290 + GST each

Breakdown coverage is available 24/365 days a year, after hour calls will be charged out according to time of call and breakdown charges are listed below.

Monday – Friday 7am -5pm $110.00ph
After 5pm min 4 hours call $150.00ph
Weekend- min 4 hours call $150.00ph

Any additional travel is based at our hourly rate of $110 p/h. Please note that above prices are exclusive to spare parts. We have a comprehensive list of spare parts kept at our Auburn warehouse.

MEWP’s subjected to a 10 year major inspection and have experienced 5 years subsequent use. The major inspection shall involve examination of those critical components identified by the manufacturer or a competent person. Where necessary, the MEWP shall be stripped down and paint, grease, and corrosion removed from critical components to allow a complete and thorough inspection.

Contact Information

Sales: sales@lowlevelaccess.com.au
Marketing: marketing@lowlevelaccess.com.au
Technical support: technical@lowlevelaccess.com.au
Admin: admin@lowlevelaccess.com.au

Refurbished Products

Please enquire to find out more information about our refurbished products.

Push Around Work Platforms